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The policy of Stichting Hope for Tomorrow is to provide, with as much care as possible, the resources that may be available through the Stichting to a number of selected existing voluntary organisations.

Limited number, long-term support
The organisations to be chosen for assistance will have a proven track record in caring for disadvantaged children. It is the intention of the Board of the Stichting that, having chosen a limited number and variety of such voluntary organisations, it will continue to build a long term relationship with these self-same organisations insofar as the resources of the Stichting allow it to do so.

Integration in local communities
Preference will be given to voluntary organisations that have strong relations and are actively integrated in their local communities. Such locally integrated organisations are those that are most likely to provide continuous as opposed to only occasional or sporadic support to those whom it is the intention of the Stichting to assist in life.

Careful selection process
Utmost care will be exercised in the process of selecting voluntary organisations to be supported. The focus in the selection process will be on securing independent local references on the management, ethics, integrity and non-partisanship of all the organisations intended to be in receipt of assistance from the Stichting.

Stichting involvement
The Stichting's nominated representatives must have full access to the leaders and staff of the voluntary organisations that will have been chosen for support. This access is necessary to observe their activities and methods, and to be in a position to make a judgement on the effectiveness of the individual organisations in making optimum use of any resources committed to them by the Stichting.

No guarantees of continuing support will be entered into with any voluntary organisation chosen by the Stichting for assistance.

Every effort will be made to have a good working relationship between the Stichting and the voluntary organisations it supports, including securing on-going funding for the work being carried out to help the disadvantaged children.