The logo of Stichting Hope for Tomorrow is inspired by and partly based on the work of Ms Cher Mattijssen. More information can be found on

Management and organisation

  • The Stichting will be managed by a Board of three persons, each of whom has an empathy with the aims of the Stichting.
  • The Board operates on a voluntary basis.
  • The Stichting will operate internationally.
  • The Stichting’s Board will engage the voluntary support of known and trusted contacts and colleagues in at least some of the international locations where assistance is being offered.
  • The Board will from time to time report on, and validate, the work and aims of the Stichting amongst the local voluntary organisations it is assisting that the aims of the Stichting are being fully complied with.

The functioning of the Board and its associates is outlined in detail in the Stichting’s Articles of Association.