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Fundación Filantropica Nicolas Lowe

Fundación Filantropica Nicolas Lowe is a small organisation in existence in Argentina for over 100 years. In the province of Buenos Aires it supports two homes for very young children who have been either abandoned or taken away by social services from their parents.

Stichting Hope for Tomorrow enabled a new roof over the children’s sleeping quarters

Children who are not fostered can remain in these homes even until the age of 18. There are educational programmes to ensure that older adolescents are capable of facing life on their own upon leaving the homes. The homes work very closely with the medical and police authorities, and with social services.


Published on 27 June 2017

EduMais strongly believes that all children have talent and that these talents cannot go to waste. All children should get the opportunity to develop their talents to become successful and happy ...

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Estrela da Favela

Published on 27 June 2017

Estrela da Favela is a relatively young and small organisation, with both Dutch and Brazilian roots. Its aim is to improve the future prospects for its students, all of whom come from difficult ...

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